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Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Nate Green fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what is being done to combat them.

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I reside in the heart of District 55. I have heard the street on which I live be referred to as the “hood”. If they had experienced my life as a child their perspective and choice of wording might change. 

I didn’t grow up privileged by any means and I was labeled by many derogatory titles. I intimately know from experience the struggles of discrimination, poverty, homelessness, and being a product of your surroundings. But I also know the triumphs of perseverance, ambition, and the willingness to always get back up! 

As your representative, I will diligently be the voice for the underprivileged, the underserved, the forgotten, and those who just need doors opened as I have done for many years in corporations, religious organizations, and the political arena. My work will not stop or even slow down after I am elected. I will fight for you and the issues of your heart. That’s my promise to you!

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