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Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Nate Green fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what is being done to combat them.

Projects : Issues


As a Commodities Relocations Specialist for the past 20 years, I understand the importance of prioritizing our nations transportation systems. I will work to:


*Establish no build zones for warehouses

*Ensure greater traffic safety measures where warehouses currently exist

*Bring home our fair share of funding

*Play a robust role in securing funding for rapid regional transit and infrastructure initiatives

*Be proactive rather than reactive

*Push for updating our infrastructure

*Strengthen the appeal and charm of this area

*Drive social and economic equity for business owners, workers, and families

*Enhance Capacity for Growth in Transportation

*Invest in transit through bonding capacity

*Grant general fund incentives where appropriate

*Include transit as a permitted use of motor fuel (gas) taxes

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