Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Nate Green fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what is being done to combat them.



Georgia must continue to invest in a range of transportation services across the state and the elected representative for District 55 must bring home our fair share of funding. District 55 must play a robust role in securing funding for rapid regional transit. 

I believe in being proactive rather than reactive. As your leader, I will push for updating our infrastructure to match the growth boom this district is experiencing. I believe if we wait until after major developments are completed we will have done a great injustice to the residents of the area. Improving transportation is a critical component to strengthen the appeal and charm of this area. It is a key driver of social and economic equity for business owners, workers, and families. 

Enhance Capacity for Growth in Transportation: Invest in transit through bonding capacity; grant general fund incentives where appropriate; and include transit as a permitted use of motor fuel taxes, without sacrificing our current efforts on roads, bridges, and economic development projects. I believe we should reduce the stressors of our residents by:

  • Expanded transportation options

  • Build Infrastructure

  • Increase Accessible Transportation Options