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Nate Green for Senate District 38

Promoting the "Pipeline to Prosperity"

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NATE GREEN for Senate District 38

I am a proud Democrat. We will not stand for unfairness in any election. You deserve a fair election! I believe the Democratic Party is a party of values and morals. In this Primary, let your voice be heard. Vote Nate Green!

I am Nate Green, Democrat for Senate District 38. I have been a community-focused social advocate since childhood. Having grown up poor, and overcame poverty, the first thing my friends and family will tell you is that I have never forgotten where I came from or who I’ve been fighting for. I’m fighting for you, our kids, and our community! I believes in service over self and my life’s actions reflect my devotion to the betterment of those around me.

I am a strong advocate for women's reproductive rights and health. I believe responsible business growth is the foundation of any successful society. A warehouse should not be built next to your beautiful home. I believe healthcare, childcare, and education sgould be equal and equitable. I believe public safety and reasonable gun ownership are common sense issues which we all share.  I believe the preservation of our environment is essential, without question. I believe in the power of small businesses to drive local economies. Above all, I believe this is a job created by you, for you, the people! A legislators job is not just to represent you, but represent you well. I have the legislative experience and connections to get the job done successfully for you!


Ephesians 6:20 instructs me as a leader to speak as an ambassador, and to speak boldly. I began preaching at the age of six. I began my career in advocacy as a teenager fighting for the disadvantaged. I am dedicated to being the change needed and providing a voice for those whose words are often unheard. 

  • Served as Special Assistant/Policy Advisor/Chaplain for The 5th Congressional District of Georgia, US House of Representatives

  • Served as the Director of Driver Operations for Disaster Preparedness and Driver Safety Manager for one of the largest transportation companies in the US. 

  • Pastored the Headquarters Cathedral for a fellowship of over 60 national and international religious organizations.

  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), awareness, and visibility for multiple organizations.

  • Owner of two small businesses in Georgia.

  • Current board member of two HIV advocacy and outreach initiatives

  • Currently serves as board member for Uganda NGO on mental health and economic development

  • Currently serves on the ministerial staff for one of the largest international ministries in the world



Nate Green is constantly finding new ways to support his community. Supporter of the Public Safety sector which a strong family history in law enforcement and service; Advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and care; Mentor to those in need of financial and business resources; And an absolute supporter of Senior Wellness Services. Nate  Green has dedicated his existence to being the change needed and providing a voice for those whose words are often unheard.


Financial Data

Financial Resources for Underserved Populations

Colorful Friends

 Current Ways to Bring Awareness to Public Safety

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Nate Green Takes Action Against HIV/AIDS





Dear Mr. Green,


We are pleased to inform you that your campaign has been awarded an endorsement for your 2022 campaign from SAFE Communities Coalition. Thank you again for advocating for safe schools, workplaces, and communities, and for committing to govern with public health as a priority.
Attached to this email you will find the official SAFE Communities Coalition endorsement seal and usage guidelines. Please feel free to use the logo on your campaign website and materials to demonstrate that you are a proven advocate for public health and safety.

We look forward to continuing the conversation after the election and wish you the best of luck in your race.



Safety in Our Community

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